5 reasons, why service & spare parts are so important

H+B Service - On-site repairs

Our service technicians are highly trained and experienced in handling a wide range of components. They always perform their tasks with the utmost efficiency and precision as well as with absolute reliability, meeting even the highest demands. For the sake of the quality of your equipment, they use only original spare parts while repairs are carried out on site.

Availability and technical support around the clock

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Our technical service partners will help you solve your problems.

Prevention is always better than cure. Our experienced service partners will work with you to plan the maintenance of your system to minimize downtime and reduce costs.

H+B original spare parts

Original spare parts ensure consistent performance of our H+B technics tender lifts and launch systems, we ensure safety and reliability, minimize downtime of your yacht - We know how important your yacht accessories are.

Use only original spare parts from H+B technics

Your equipment and components from H+B technics have been designed based on years of experience to provide you with the highest level of reliability. To ensure safe, reliable and optimal operation of your yacht, the use of original spare parts is essential throughout its lifetime.

Spare parts from H+B technics - always there when you need them

Our spare parts come with a warranty and can also be supplied by our global service partners, so they are always available when needed.

We will work with you to compile a list of critical spare parts for your plant, ensuring that they are always available for immediate delivery.

Ready to service and maintain your lift?

Please get in touch with one of our service partners or make direct contact with our Aftersales team.

Tel.:     +49 251 9320769-55
E-Mail: aftersales@h-btechnics.com


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