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General Terms and Conditions of Sale of H+B technics

After Sale claim procedure

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Warranty and service conditions

Warranty and service conditions

The goods remain the property of the seller until complete payment. The place of jurisdiction for any disputes is Münster/Westphalia, Germany. Legal warranty conditions apply.

H+B technics guarantees the perfect function and material composition of the structural design of the lifting system. The warranty period extends to 24 months after the delivery of the lifting system. The warranty and liability are limited to the first owner of the lifting system. The warranty includes the costs of labour for the exchange of defective parts (according to a cost estimate), as well as the costs of the parts themselves and dispatch. The work may be performed by qualified, local personnel (according to a cost estimate) or our own service personnel. Replacement parts are shipped only in case of advance payment; this payment will be reimbursed after the return of the respective part and recognition of the warranty claim. Costs for travel, alighting on water and follow-up costs, regardless of type, are excluded from the warranty service. H+B technics is not liable for the lack of suitability of the boat for the accommodation of the lifting
system or for any damage to the boat, individual parts or components arising from the installation of the lifting system. The risk for the suitability of the boat and the required stability of individual parts of the same in regard to the installation of the lifting system is borne by the buyer and/or customer. Equipment/property damage and personal injury caused by the following are excluded from the Warranty and liability of H+B technics:
• Operation of the lifting system outside of the permissible load and/or load distribution range
• Operation of the lifting system whilst disregarding the safety warnings
• Operation of the lifting system and coupled parts outside of the normal conditions of use
• Operation with unsuitable oil or with an unsuitable or insufficient power supply
• Corrosion due to a lack of activity of the boat’s own earthing system or other conditions that    influence the galvanic reaction.
• Influencing of operation or operational safety by external effects.
• Wearing parts (e.g. anodes) and externally damaged parts.
The hydraulic pump, hydraulic parts and electrical parts are subject to the manufacturer’s own warranty conditions. For these parts, a warranty period of 12 months after delivery applies.