Maintenance & Warranty

The correct maintenance of your H+B Tenderlift

We work closely with our customers and, as part of this partnership, support you throughout the entire life cycle of your yachting equipment. In this way, we make a decisive contribution to your sustainable business success.

In this way, we show right from the start how we envision working with your company - as a long-term, committed partnership. Our planning focuses on your individual needs, and by sharing technological know-how, training personnel and supporting operators, we get your yacht up and running and continue to provide smooth and seamless service afterwards to ensure maximum performance and safety.

Planned maintenance for your plant and components from H+B technics

Every plant is different. Our service partners assess your maintenance needs individually and ensure that all machine parts are repaired or replaced at exactly the right time. This avoids unplanned downtime, increases safety and reliability, reduces costs and extends the life of your equipment and components. In addition, a well-maintained plant makes a significant contribution to optimum product quality.

Corrective maintenance

Even with the best equipment and optimally operated plants, malfunctions and failures can sometimes occur.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale of H+B technics

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase of H+B technics

After Sale claim procedure

After Sale Claim sheet pdf

In the event of a complaint, please complete this document and send it with the corresponding photos to:

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