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Lower the lifecycle costs of your systems and components

We work closely together with our customers and as part of this partnership we provide you with support throughout the entire lifecycle of your systems and components. This is how we make a key contribution to your sustained commercial success.

We therefore demonstrate right from the start how we view the working relationship with your company – as a long-term, committed partnership. Our planning focuses on your specific needs, and by transferring technology know-how, training staff and supporting operators, we get your operation up and running. Even after that, we continue to offer a smooth, seamless service to guarantee maximum performance and reliability.


Spare parts

Using original spare parts guarantees that your H+B technics systems and components perform consistently well, ensures safety and reliability, minimises downtimes and safeguards functionality.


You should only use original spare parts from H+B technics

The conceptual design of your H+B technics systems and components is based on many years of experience, in order to provide you with maximum reliability. The use of original spare parts is vital in order to guarantee safe, reliable and optimum operation of your systems and components throughout their lifetimes.


Spare parts from H+B technics – always available when they are needed

Our spare parts come with a guarantee and can also be delivered by our global network of service partners, meaning that they are available at any time when needed.

We compile a list of critical spare parts together with you and thus ensure that they are always available for immediate delivery.



This is how H+B technics helps you to get optimum performance out of your systems and components from day one.


Our experience at your service

Our highly qualified, certified technicians understand your technical procedures and have in-depth specialist knowledge of upstream and downstream processes. That is why they are able to configure your systems perfectly to achieve maximum safety, reliability and product quality.


Corrective Maintenance

Malfunctions and breakdowns can sometimes occur, even in the best equipment and perfectly operated systems.


Rapid Reaction

H+B technics’ service partners are at your disposal around the world and around the clock to ensure breakdowns don’t turn into disasters! Wherever you are – our experienced technicians ensure that your systems are quickly and reliably returned to operational readiness, thus minimising downtimes and maximising productivity.


Local Repairs

Our service technicians are very well trained and experienced in handling a wide range of components. They always complete their assignments with maximum efficiency and precision, as well as with absolute reliability and also meet the highest standards. They only use original spare parts to ensure the quality of your systems, while repairs are carried out locally.

Availability and technical support around the clock

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Our technical service partners help you to resolve any problems that occur.

Prevention is always better than cure. Our experienced service partners plan maintenance of your system together with you to minimise downtimes and reduce costs.

Scheduled Maintenance for your H+B technics Systems and Components

Every system is different. Our service partners specifically assess your maintenance requirements and ensure that all machine components are repaired or replaced at exactly the right time. This avoids unscheduled outages, increases safety and reliability, reduces costs and extends the service lifetimes of your systems and components. Furthermore, a well-maintained system plays a key role in achieving optimum product quality.

We have a global network of highly qualified service partners, who act with precision and dedication to ensure that your systems and components work perfectly throughout their entire lifecycles.

Preventive maintenance includes:

  • inspection
  • spare parts planning for scheduled maintenance
  • fine tuning
  • maintenance

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Aftersales & Service

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