Type 5/7/10 lift system

1.200kg SWL & 1.600kg SWL & 2.500kg SWL

Lift arms and all stern-mounted main components are made of stainless steel 316L (partly 318LN)

  • All exterior components made of materials suitable for seawater, details on request
  • automatic/hydr. safety locking mechanism
  • adjustable platform support
  • zinc or Al/Mg anode set
  • mounting bolts and counterplates (stainless steel) required for installation
  • hydraulic pump 24 V, electric switch box and cable harness, plug-in
  • hydraulic valve unit and all hydraulic hoses
  • operating panel and remote control
  • installation and operating manual with photos, drawings and spare parts list
  • lift system is preassembled for easy installation